Featured Member: George Njiiri

Artist Statement:

Why do I photograph?  Photography gives me a creative voice.  I enjoy sharing the vision of how I navigate and perceive life. I don’t create anything original, instead I interpret the reality of God’s beautiful handiwork.  I shoot images that resonate with my interests, landscapes, nature, people and buildings.  To photograph, is to articulate my mood, complex thought process and culture.  It is essential I have a mode and medium to do this.  My current artistic tool is the camera and with it, I record, explore and make images of thought and intrinsic beauty.

Tel:571 455 0374




Born in Kenya, East Africa, third culture kid and man of the world.  Experienced a varied existence, on the southern coast, capital city and multiple years in the cool, countryside of Limuru.  It’s there I developed an appreciation for clean, crisp air, unsettling silence and lush green landscapes.  Currently residing in Virginia, but have spent 10 years in the states of Arkansas, Georgia, Florida, Pennsylvania and a short stay in Berkeley, California.  I have dabbled in black and white photography since high school, but just recently developed an interest in digital photography and nightscapes in particular.  I am currently working on developing a portfolio and future business in the fashion and photography fields respectively.

Tel:571 455 0374




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