Artist of Interest: Richard Mosse

Born in 1980, Ireland, Richard Mosse lives and works in New York.  As a Yale MFA photography graduate in 2008, Richard Mosse is better known for his work photographing conflict areas.  He has photographed everything from postwar former Yugoslavia to rebels in the Congolese jungle.It is possible to mistake Mosses’ work as purely photojournalistic, yet through his use of a large format camera he is able to break away from this classification into the realm of conceptually charged images.  As someone challenging what we see as straight documentary, Mosse is able to elevate his work beyond mere facts.

Mosse’s project Infra documents conflict in the Congo using Kodak Aerochrome, a discontinued infrared film.  The film, which renders foliage bright pink, heightens the surreally of an impossible-to-comprehend war (the Guardian reports 400,000 rapes in a single year and 5.4 million deaths over 10 years) and forces us to re-examine conflict images.

If you would like to know more about him, visit his website:

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