Award Winning Photographer Visits GMU

If one thing is for certain, photographer William Wiley is not short of humor or skill. The artist, who visited the Fairfax campus on March 5 to give a lecture sponsored by Focus Group, received a warm welcome from Focus Group members and School of Art students alike.

Taking the audience on a wondrous aesthetic journey, Wiley talked about many of his works, including Riverwalk, a series done during his time spent in Colorado. He also discussed photographs from other bodies of work he has created, including Still Water and Carrara. An artist who also works with video, he included some segments from projects in both the Midwest and Utah in the talk as well.

Wiley is currently a Professor of Art at the University of Virginia and has been the recipient of many prestigious awards, some of which include the John Simon Guggenheim Memorial Fellowship and the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts Fellowship. His work can be seen in 5 published books as well as in public collections across the United States.

More information about the artist can be found at his website,


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