SoA Olympics 2012


The First Annual SoA Olympics was a Huge Success! On Thursday, April 5, over 100 students, faculty, staff, alumni and friends of the SoA were in attendance, as 3 teams participated in 5 different challenges, including Painting, Sculpture, Photography, Graphic Design and Printmaking. Stephanie Booth, Stephanie Benassi and Christine Vu were incredibly entertaining MCs for the event.

Congratulations to the victorious Red Team: Kirsten Balaban, Margo Elsayd, Tarryn Lemmer, Arthur Reinaltt, Steve Skowron

The Blue Team came in second place: Joey Chanel, Jessica Cook, Deborah Lash, Tucker Smith, Erwin Thamm

And a valiant effort was made by the Yellow Team: Adey Chaplin, Olivier Giron, Chris Mayernik, Josh McGuin, Park Swan

It wouldn’t have been the Olympics without our magnificent Judges:
Adam Bradley, Lynne Constantine, Peggy Feerick, Helen Frederick, Chawky Frenn, Susie Mueller

A huge thank you to the event sponsors for providing food, beverages and gift cards:
Sodexo / Jazzman’s, Best Deli & Catering, Buffalo Wing University, French Connections, Glory Days, Hard Times Cafe, Shirley’s Catering, Zoe’s Kitchen

And lastly, a huge thank you to the SoA Olympics planning committee who pulled of such an excellent event:
Sean Salyards, Christin Boggs, Stephanie Booth, Andrew Curtis, Jennifer Kellett, Josh McGuin, Allie Reams, Josh Sacket, Focus Group, AIGA, The Printmakers Guild, SoA Print







Look for the SoA Olympics trophy, on display in the Art & Design Building. Visit the School of Art Facebook Page for more photos, and stay tuned for Art Olympics 2013!


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